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Thyroid Optimization

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Thyroid Optimization- Feel Your Best

So many doctors fail to diagnose or treat thyroid problems properly. There is much more to a thyroid diagnosis than a simple TSH test. Unfortunately, most patients are just told, ”Your thyroid test is normal,” and that is the end of the story.  If you think you have a thyroid issue that remains not diagnosed, then come see Dr. Richard Chern, MD.

If you have already been diagnosed with thyroid problems and are on treatment that doesn’t seem to help any of your symptoms, then you especially should come to see Dr. Richard Chern, MD.

If your TSH is normal then most doctors will stop there and tell you your thyroid is normal. Nothing could be further from the truth. TSH levels are important, but a normal TSH does not always mean a normal thyroid. Don’t be upset with your doctor for not doing more, this is how we are trained in school. Unfortunately, many of us get stuck in one way of thinking and it’s difficult to see past those blinders. Dr Richard Chern, MD does extensive thyroid testing and can not only get you feeling better, but also teach you the reasons why getting a TSH only just does not cover all the bases. By looking at the complete picture, we can tailor your medication to treat your thyroid more appropriately.

Why Choose Dr. Richard Chern for your Hormone Treatment?

Most doctors fail to diagnose thyroid disease because they have a limited understanding of all the factors involved in proper diagnosis. Surprisingly, there are over 200 symptoms alone for low thyroid or hypothyroidism. Because the thyroid is undertaught in medical school and residencies, it is incredibly common for the symptoms to go untreated for years as your thyroid slowly declines, and long before a TSH test shows an abnormal result. Many doctors are not trained in the newest techniques of thyroid treatment. Our clinicians have extensive training in new and cutting-edge medical treatments when it comes to your hormones, including your thyroid gland. Going anywhere else could leave you feeling just as bad as you feel now. Call Dr. Richard Chern, MD today at 850-837-1271 for an appointment.

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