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Dr. Richard Chern, MD

Step into the world of unparalleled hormone therapy with Dr. Richard Chern, MD, at the forefront of Miramar Beach, Florida’s most distinguished hormone clinic. With a rich background that spans 20 years as an Air Force flight surgeon and over a decade dedicated to mastering Biote hormone therapy, Dr. Chern brings a wealth of experience and precision to every treatment. Responsible for over 20,000 pellet insertions, his expertise is not only recognized by patients but also revered in the medical community, where he serves as an esteemed educator for Biote. As the leading Platinum provider, Dr. Chern’s clinic stands as the largest and most trusted hormone therapy destination in the region. Embark on your journey to optimal health and wellness with Dr. Chern, where cutting-edge care meets unparalleled expertise.

Sue Griffin,

Sue Griffin, ARNP is a distinguished Nurse Practitioner at Dr. Richard Chern’s clinic in the scenic Miramar Beach, Florida. Sue is a beacon of expertise in women’s health with a foundation built at the prestigious Emory University School of Medicine in 1990.  She holds national board certification and boasts over three decades of experience in both public health and private practice. 


Sue’s passion lies in enhancing life quality through hormone therapy, thyroid optimization, and weight management. For nearly ten years she has embraced the cutting-edge BioTE method of pellet hormone replacement therapy, contributing to over 20,000 successful hormone pellet insertions. Her commitment to excellence doesn’t stop with her patients; Sue is a guiding light who mentors fellow hormone therapy providers, ensuring the highest standards of care are universally applied.


Having enriched our team for six years, Sue’s dedication to health and wellness shines through in every patient interaction. Visit us and experience the transformative care Sue Griffin offers, where your health journey is in the hands of a true expert.

Mary Stanfilll

Discover the warmth and expertise of Mary Stanfill, a proud Florida native hailing from Niceville, who brings a touch of family and a wealth of experience to Dr. Richard Chern’s clinic in Miramar Beach, Florida. With a nurturing career spanning nearly three decades, Mary’s journey in nursing began in the heart of women’s health, dedicating a significant chapter to labor and delivery. Embracing innovation, Mary expanded her skill set in 2016 to specialize in hormone pellet therapy, masterfully performing close to 20,000 pellet insertions. Her dedication and skill have made her a cornerstone of our clinic for over six years, setting her apart as one of the most seasoned and trusted providers in the region. Join us and experience the exceptional care and personal touch that Mary brings to each patient, making your health and wellness journey truly remarkable.

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